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  • -execution:
    • sequential: Sequential execution mode for single-core machines.
    • parallel: Parallel execution mode for multi-core machines. If not set, SharpCrack will use parallel mode automatically.
  • -attack:
    • bruteforce: Brute-force attack.
    • wordlist: Uses a wordlist for guessing the hashes.
  • -algorithm: CRC32, MD5, RIPEMD160, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • -exponent=N: Hash candidates N times before comparison.
  • -buffersize=size: Parallel buffer is used to buffer words while reading them from the wordlist.


  • -single=hash: Adds a single hash to the list.
  • -input=path: Input file path containing the hashes.

Brute-force attack

  • -charset=charset: Charset for generating permutations. You can use a custom charset as well as the following abbreviations:
    • $1: All digits
    • $a: Lowercase letters
    • $A: Uppercase letters
    • $$: Special chars
  • -length
    • length: Length of permutations.
    • min-max: Generate permutations with length between min and max.
  • -startfrom=string: Start from this permutation.

Wordlist attack

  • -wordlist=path: Wordlist path.
  • -position=linenumber: Initial wordlist position.
  • -lowercase: Transforms words to lowercase.
  • -uppercase: Transforms words to uppercase.
  • -reverse: Reverses words.
  • -prefix=string: Appends prefix to wordlist words.
  • -postfix=string: Appends postfix to wordlist words.

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